Vantage Club Casinos

Where to find us:
4/5 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2
Ireland D02 X380
Phone: +353 (0)1 558 7678

The best bits of Vantage Club

Do you have a Vantage Club Card? Or just thinking about signing up? Grab yourself a cup of tea and we’ll go through what the biggest benefits of our loyalty program.

Get Rewarded

The best things in life are free. What could be nicer than getting a notification straight to your phone that you have freeplay cash to play with on your next visit. We aim to reward all our players regularly with cash, freeplay vouchers, and entry into draws and raffles. If you enjoy a trip to our casinos but don’t have a card, you are already missing out.

Level Up

If you have a card already, make sure to pop it in the slot machine when you play. You get 2 Level Points for every €1 Bet you make. Work your way towards Platinum and Diamond and unlock Level Up Bonuses, more frequent rewards, exclusive event invitations, and of course bigger Freeplay amounts!

Unlock Freeplay

In addition to the 2 Level Points you get from €1 of Bet, you also get 2 Bonus Points. Bonus Points can be converted into Freeplay at the checkpoints in the club. 1,000 Bonus Points = €1 of Freeplay. Save them up or spend them whenever you can, the choice is yours.

Cashless Play

Bored of the machine you’re on? Just take your card out and your money comes with you. Now you can jump to another machine with your full balance and keep playing. Takes the annoyance out of cashing out, only to have to re-insert the cash again when you want to move around. Won big? Just head to the kiosk and you can cash out your winnings all by yourself.

 As you can tell, there’s plenty to be gained from having a Vantage Club Card.